Patrick Day dies At Age 27 From Brain Injury (Posted By Hauwa_creation)

Welterweight boxer, Patrick Day has died at the age of 27. The Golden Gloves champion died four days after he got knocked out in a boxing bout.

Patrick Day died due to the injuries he suffered to the head from punches he received from his opponent, Charles Conwell.

An open letter issued by Charles Conwell sees him contemplating to quit boxing. He also stated that he never meant to hurt Patrick Day.

Patrick Day’s death was announced by his promoter, Lou DiBella.

“It becomes very difficult to explain away or justify the dangers of boxing at a time like this,” DiBella wrote on his website Wednesday.

“This is not a time where edicts or pronouncements are appropriate, or the answers are readily available. It is, however, a time for a call to action.”

“While we don’t have the answers,” he continued.

“we certainly know many of the questions, have the means to answer them, and have the opportunity to respond responsibly and accordingly and make boxing safer for all who participate. This is a way we can honor the legacy of Pat Day.”

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