Don Jazzy’s Mavin Records Signs New Artist Crayon, launches Blowtime Imprint with Baby Fresh (Posted By Dj Valentino)

Mavin Records has announced the signing of Crayon, the first artist signed to Baby Fresh’s Blowtime Entertainment record label. Crayon’s sound blends pop, Afrobeats, Latin and Caribbean rhythms for a dynamic new sound with mass appeal.

“We are pleased to announce our new imprint deal with Baby Fresh’s Blowtime Entertainment as we unveil our new artist, Crayon. Baby Fresh has always been part of the Mavin family and we look forward to what is shaping up to be a remarkable stage of his amazing career. Crayon is an exceptional songwriter and recording artist who comes with a lot of diversity in his music and I am sure that we will attain great things together,” said Don Jazzy, Mavin’s founder and President.

“Crayon is a bundle of talent and creating this imprint with Baby Fresh is part of our objective to deliver dynamic growth for our artists. Our ambition is to help talent achieve their musical and entrepreneurial goals with our infrastructure, unique experience and diverse team. This kind of collaboration is vital for the growth of our industry,” said Mavin’s COO, Tega Oghenejobo.

Crayon grew up in Iba, Lagos, filling notebooks with lyrics and jumping at the first chance he got to record in a studio, where he met his friend and collaborator Ozedikus. By chance, Baby Fresh heard one of those early songs and instantly knew Crayon had potential to become the new face and voice of Afrobeats.

“He’s called Crayon because his work is so colourful: it channels Fela, Drake, Justin Bieber, Bryson Tiller, Wizkid and Davido in a way that feels completely current and fresh. I was on the lookout for a new artist to take Afrobeats somewhere newer and bigger, and that’s what I found in him,” Baby Fresh said.

“I want to put my community on the map. I’ll be the first artist to really break out of Iba, and that means a lot to me. When I started making music I was just a kid. I’m crazy excited to share my music and be part of this moment when Afrobeats are going global,” Crayon said.

Crayon will be featured on several upcoming releases from fellow Mavins and his own EP will debut this summer.

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    just the break from playing giving us a good chance to
    blow off some steam.”It was important for us to get the break, especially with the injuries we have.”Brian Easton’s has cleared up now and I think a lot of the boys with knocks have
    finally cleared up, so it was good from that point of view.”James himself has a cartilage tear, but has opted to play through the pain barrier until the end of the season.It’s a gamble, but one the midfielder hopes will pay off as he doesn’t want to miss out as Accies battle to stay in the SPL.He said: “My situation is
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    I’ll just need to keep playing through it.”When we’re not doing stuff it isn’t too bad but it doesn’t matter if I rest for two weeks or six weeks as soon as I go out on that pitch, if I twist and turn it’s a wee bit sore, but I’ll just need to get through that.”It was in my mind to get the op, and it was
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