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Court Nullifies Adeleke’s Governorship Candidate Nomination Over Forged Certificate (Posted by Kool0596)

he High Court of the Federal Capital Territory in Bwari, Abuja, on Tuesday nullified the nomination of Senator Ademola Adeleke as the governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party for the September 2018 governorship election in Osun State.

Delivering a judgment in a suit challenging Adeleke’s qualification to contest for the office of a governor, Justice Othman Musa held that the plaintiffs were able to prove that Adeleke did not possess the minimum qualification of being educated up to the secondary school level as stipulated under Section 177 of the 1999 Constitution, to be eligible to contest governorship poll.

The judge said though he found from the evidence placed before the court that Adeleke was admitted into Muslim High School, Ede, Osun State in 1976, there was no record showing that he graduated from the school, as his name was not seen in the school’s register in 1980.

Musa added that the results, which Adeleke attached to his form CF001 that he submitted to the Independent National Electoral Commission, was fake, as it was found to be different from the one presented to the court by the Principal of Muslim High School, Ede, where he claimed to have graduated.

INEC had declared the All Progressives Congress and its candidate Adegboyega Oyetola, as the winner of the September 2018 governorship election in Osun State.

But the Osun State Governorship Election Petitions, which sat in Abuja, had by its majority judgment nullified Oyetola’s victory and declared Adeleke as the valid winner of the polls.

Before the September 2018 election, two members of the APC, Wahab Raheem and Adam Habeeb, had instituted the suit against Oyetola, the PDP and INEC, accusing Adeleke of not possessing the requisite educational qualification of a secondary school certificate to contest for the office of governor.

They urged the court to, among other things, disqualify Adeleke from participating in the governorship election on the grounds of non-qualification.

Reacting to the judgment on Tuesday, Adeleke’s lawyer, Nathaniel Oke (SAN), expressed displeasure about the verdict, which he said failed to take into account the West African Examination Council certificate evidence tendered before the court.

He said the judge erred in law by going out of his way to on his own source for evidence to arrive at his “unjust conclusion.

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    to sign him but we have to look at it and see if that is
    possible. I still need to sign a left back.”McGhee has targeted Wales Under 21 defender Grant Basey, who was released by Charlton, to fill the role after monitoring him for the past two weeks.Like us on FacebookFollow us on TwitterDaily NewsletterTransfer TalkTransfer news live as Celtic and Rangers plus the rest of the Premiership step up their squad rebuilds for new seasonScotland’s best transfer blog is up and running join us for all the latest done deals, news and rumours from Scottish football and further afield.Celtic FCCeltic dealt blow as Liverpool end interest in Virgil van DijkThe Hoops were set for a bumper sell on fee for their former star but the deal is now off the table after the Anfield side retreated.Celtic FCFormer Celtic star Darren O’Dea recalls the time Roy Keane got his own back on Mark WilsonThe former Hoops defender told Open Goal’s Simon Ferry about the time the Irish football legend made his team mate pay in training.Rangers FCRangers target Daniel Candeias opens door for Pedro Caixinha approach and says he’s ready to talkThe Benfica winger who has just finished a loan spell in Turkey with Alanyaspor says he is interested in speaking to Caixinha.Rangers FCRangers boss Pedro Caixinha backs new signing Fabio Cardoso to become full Portugal internationalThe Gers boss is set to pair the 23 year old former youth cap in his central defence with fellow new arrival Bruno Alves.BMWHistoric Black Beauty Touring Car on its way to the UKA real treat is in store for motorsport fans who recall the halcyon days of racing in the 1980s, as the famous Black Beauty touring car is coming to the UK for the first time all the way from its home Down Under.Transfer TalkTransfer news live as Celtic and Rangers plus the rest of the Premiership step up their squad rebuilds for new seasonScotland’s best transfer blog is up and running join us for all the latest done deals, news and rumours from Scottish football and further afield.Knockhill Racing CircuitWatch the Knockhill Super Touring Car Festival 2017This year’s Knockhill Super Touring Car Festival once again provided motorsport fans with plenty of thrills, especially as there was a full Scottish Motor Racing Club line up of races.

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