How many more people have to die? ” asks Adesua Etomi as police kills innocent Nigerian (Posted By Dj Valentino)

Adesua Etomi is wondering how many innocent Nigerians will continue to lose their lives as a young man is allegedly killed by men of the Nigeria Police Force.

Adesua Etomi wonders when the Nigeria police will stop killing innocent Nigerians [Instagram/AdesuaEtomiWellington]

The award-winning actress made her frustrations known via her Instagram page on Monday, April 1, 2019. In her lengthy post, the actress expressed her disappointment over the conduct of the police in the country and they have continued to cut short the lives of innocent young Nigerians.

“I am SO SICK of the abuse of power by SARS. I am SO SICK of a government that turns deaf ears to the cries of its people. HOW MANY MORE PEOPLE HAVE TO DIE before something is done about this nonsense? Every other day, we hear stories of how citizens are beaten, killed, robbed, kidnapped by SARS. If a tree is producing rotten fruit, CUT IT DOWN.

“This is Kolade. His only crime was watching football. That was all he was doing when a stray bullet hit him yesterday. A bullet fired by a SARS official. They fled the scene btw. So who do we hold responsible? He has a son who now has to grow up without a father, all because some idiot was trigger happy. P.s I didn’t know Kolade. This could have been anyone. #EndSars #justiceforkola #thishastostop,” she wrote.

Adesua Etomi’s post is coming barely 24 hours after the news of a young Nigeria, Kolade was killed after a stray bullet from the men of the Nigeria Police Force hit him.

Adesua Etomi wonders when the Nigeria police will stop killing innocent Nigerians [Instagram/AdesuaEtomiWellington]

Adesua Etomi wonders when the Nigeria police will stop killing innocent Nigerians [Instagram/AdesuaEtomiWellington]

There has been an outcry from different quarters since the news broke the Internet. It is also important to note that a number of celebs have fallen victim of assaults by the men of the Nigeria Police Force.

The time Zoro allegedly escaped gunshots from SARS

Back in 2018, Zoro shared his ugly experience over the weekend in Port Harcourt in the hands of SARS.

Back in 2018, Zoro shared his ugly experience over the weekend in Port Harcourt in the hands of SARS.

Back in 2018, Zoro shared his ugly experience in Port Harcourt in the hands of SARS. In a series of tweets on his Twitter page on Saturday, September 15, 2018, the rapper revealed how he almost lost his life to the men of the Special Anti Robbery Squad. He also shared a photo of himself looking all battered and overwhelmed.

“Sars in port harcourt. You double-cross us, flash torch, we stop, you begin shoot? We come down you still Dey shoot? Mr Mike and wachukwu weldone..” he tweeted.

“Just had the most terrible day of my lifeee Gooooooddd,” he added. 

iLLBliss also had his own fair share of SARS brutality

Back in July 2018, iLLBLISS shared with fans his shocking experience in the hands of SARS as they pointed a gun at his head. The rapper and music executive made this known on Tuesday, July 31, 2018, on his Twitter page. The tweet, as usual, started off a conversation on social media over the continuous manhandling and brutality faced by innocent people from these Special police officers.

“Last night SARS had guns to my head! Lying on the coal tar next to my manager/ what the fk is going on? Searching us for tramadol and…..” he tweeted.

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    against Racing 92, which was then postponed.A minute’s silence
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    were inspired to run in five tries in the emphatic win.Tyler Bleyendaal, Jaco Taute and Simon Zebo all went
    over in the first half, in addition to a penalty try.The Scots rallied with Pat
    MacArthur and Mark Bennett replying but Rory Scannell put the game beyond doubt before an outpouring of emotion at the final whistle.Munster boss Anthony Foley died after ‘heart condition caused fluid to build in lungs’Foley’s former club Shannon RFC organised a group
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    guard of honour before the game.Foley’s funeral was attended by
    hundreds of mourners in County Clare on Friday and Munster’s big win was a fitting tribute.Like us on FacebookFollow us on TwitterDaily NewsletterLiverpool FCJamie Carragher and Liverpool fans go into Twitter MELTDOWN as Reds pull out of deal
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