Wed. Feb 19th, 2020

Terra Cotta Unveils New Collection Featuring Vimbai Mutinhiri And Ifu Ennada(Photos) (Posted By Dj Valentino)

Terra Cotta Fleur Collection Vimbai Mutinhiri And Ifu Ennada OnoBello-12

Fashion brand, Terra Cotta draws inspiration from the 1920’s with their new collection titled ‘Fleur’, an ode to the simplistic elegance and asymmetry of Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement.

Enlisting reality TV stars, Vimbai Muhitinri and Ifu Ennada for its lookbook, Fleur does not only tells a story but explores the art of drapery, construction and deconstruction while striving to complement the feminine form.

Fleur was created for the sensual woman who wants to explore her feminine side. It has a strong architectonic undertone, with detailed cuts & layering where soft and sumptuous fabrication meets sexy strong silhouettes.

A poem released by the brand goes: ‘Don’t Be Mistaken By The First Impression, Don’t be Fooled By That Innocent Expression. She’s Not What She Seems; Don’t Wait For The Dreams; The Woman Is Wild – SO WILD! She Fizzles Then Takes Flight. An Understated Charisma, Allure, Romance, Charm Associated With A Woman On A Mission To Finding Her Light In Her Position.’

See more looks below.

Terra Cotta Fleur Collection Vimbai Mutinhiri And Ifu Ennada OnoBello-14
Terra Cotta Fleur Collection Vimbai Mutinhiri And Ifu Ennada OnoBello-1
Terra Cotta Fleur Collection Vimbai Mutinhiri And Ifu Ennada OnoBello-2
Terra Cotta Fleur Collection Vimbai Mutinhiri And Ifu Ennada OnoBello-3
Terra Cotta Fleur Collection Vimbai Mutinhiri And Ifu Ennada OnoBello-4
Terra Cotta Fleur Collection Vimbai Mutinhiri And Ifu Ennada OnoBello-11
Terra Cotta Fleur Collection Vimbai Mutinhiri And Ifu Ennada OnoBello-6
Terra Cotta Fleur Collection Vimbai Mutinhiri And Ifu Ennada OnoBello-8
Terra Cotta Fleur Collection Vimbai Mutinhiri And Ifu Ennada OnoBello-7
Terra Cotta Fleur Collection Vimbai Mutinhiri And Ifu Ennada OnoBello-9
Terra Cotta Fleur Collection Vimbai Mutinhiri And Ifu Ennada OnoBello-10
Terra Cotta Fleur Collection Vimbai Mutinhiri And Ifu Ennada OnoBello-5


Brand: Terra Cotta ( )

Models: Vimbai Mutinhiri ( @the_vimbai ) Ifu Ennada (@ifuennada ) Safiat Masha ( @safiatmasha )

Hair: @anneeliserealhair

Makeup: @tennycoco & @beyondglams

Photographer: @rob_media

Creative Direction: StyleMeAfrica Online ( @stylemeafrica)

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    room scrum in Buffalo this week.”It can be hostile,” Kane was quoted by The Buffalo News website
    as saying of the arena atmosphere. “They’ve got some passionate fans there. I guess that’s the way to put it, passionate.”To welcome him back,
    in the creative way Jets fans have become known around the NHL, a Twitter campaign has
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